8 things homeowners need to know before they renovate their Kitchen

The kitchen’s role has certainly evolved over the years; it used to be a place solely for cooking. Now, due to the shrinking size of the apartments, the kitchen has to pull double duty and be a place for dining and entertainment of guests.

Nevertheless, I have listed the considerations, in the order of importance, that will influence how we renovate the kitchen.

#1. Assess cooking habits

Assess your cooking habits before the kitchen renovation. By cooking habits I am referring to frequency of cooking and the most used cooking methods. If you are a frequent user of the kitchen, your kitchen must be able to withstand the heavy duty usage. If your usual cooking methods include a lot of deep frying, you should invest in a hood with a good suction power and an air ventilator to pump out the stale air.

#2. Select appropriate materials

Aesthetics meets utility. How is this possible?

Varying materials have various properties, with some more hardy; while some more aesthetically pleasing than others. So, if you are a light kitchen user, you can probably forgo practicality for aesthetics. However, if you are a heavy user, you need to consider whether placing looks over quality is worth the sacrifice. Therefore, you should take time to consider the material used for the kitchen counter-top, the wall-tiles and back splash.

#3. Factor in the kitchen work zones

The concept of the Kitchen Work Triangle has been discussed to death. However, to make the kitchen layout more efficient, the setup needs to be augmented with kitchen work zones.  The concept of kitchen work zones is simple; the kitchen can be sectioned into 5 main work zones. The position of the following zones should be as follows: cleaning zone, preparation zone and cooking zone whilst the consumables and non-consumables zones can be swapped interchangeably.
Source: thekitchn

#4. Install additional electrical points

If the electrical points are not spread out along the kitchen counter, all the electrical appliances will be congregating together in the same area! By default, most HDBs and private condominiums come equipped with at least 1 switch/socket in the kitchen area. Thus, do remember to install an additional switch/socket on the other side of the kitchen counter (accordingly to the designated kitchen work zones).

#5. Incorporate safety features

Basic safety practices in the kitchen include installing electrical switches and lighting fixtures away from water sources. Install gas stoves around 2 inches from the counter edge so that the handles of pots and pans do not overhang over the counter-top. Use rounded edges instead of sharp, 90-degree angle profile edges to prevent accidental knocks. Also, use slip-resistant tiles to prevent accidental falls, install a smoke detector and keep a fire extinguisher within reachable distance.

#6. Ergonomic features

An ergonomically designed kitchen will prevent unnecessary strains when performing cooking tasks. The basic rule to adhere to: store the kitchen items according to the usage frequency; with the most frequently used items placed in the middle and the least used at the top. Also, customise the kitchen cabinets accordingly to your height to prevent back and arm strains. Install under cabinet lights to prevent eye strains.

#7. Find out the kitchen cabinet terminology

You need to understand the basic cabinetry terms so that you can communicate more effectively with your home renovation professionals. Know the differences between 3 plywood and 5 plywood, the varying types of available hinges that are available.

#8. Beware of hidden renovation costs

There might be unexpected renovation costs when it comes to kitchen renovation; additional electrical points, rewiring, plumbing,  cabinet accessories, hacking of walls and kitchen door installation or removal are the most frequently overlooked areas. In addition, varying materials, brand and country of origins are priced differently too. Lastly, do remember that any changes to your kitchen proposal will probably carry additional costs.



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